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The Lost Passion….

I am writing my blog after a decade. My muse to restart my blogging journey is my niece who had flown thousands of miles to visit me. It was her first adventurous USA trip and I am happy to make a contribution by welcoming her home. Well, During her stay we had been to coffee shop and we all were chatting about Espresso shots. The intense discussion led me to recollect my blog post coffee lovers and I shared it with my niece. She was amazed and thrilled to know that I have my personal blog. I can’t forget the awe look on her face and the words she said ” YOU HAVE A BLOG!” WOW!!. I never expected such excitement about my blog. Later to share my posts with her I logged in to my blog and I was surprised to see that my last post was dated in the year 2011. I remember in the year 2011 I had started working for a big tech company and then got too occupied in the material world that my passion of writing got lost all these years. So Many Many thanks to my niece who mused me to restart my blogging journey,

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Trying something new today

Today I did attend one of the meeting of a non profit organization. Since long time I wished to attend the meeting but some how I couldn’t attend it. Well, after attending the meeting I really felt good. Being a new member they gave me brief introduction about the working of their organization and then immediately they started with their agenda. Today we all discussed about funding a project in some rural part of one of the south east asian country. No one was in favour of the proposal so the idea of funding that project was completely ruled out.
For fundraising program they have organized a play and we all volunteers are given handouts and posters to display at all public places so that we can sell maximum tickets of that play.
I am also actively participating in this fund raising program by displaying these posters and handouts at public places.

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GM Diet Plan !

GM Diet Plan is 7 days plan for natural cleansing of body and ultimately it helps for a weight loss. After my India trip I have gained some pounds which I really want to get rid of it so that I can easily fit in all my old favourite skinny jeans. Today is my first day so entire day
I am completely on fruits diet. In evening i will hit the gymm too or at least go for a long walk. I am little skeptic about this plan but I think let me stop being cynical about it until I complete the entire 7 days course .

DAY2:- I was completely on veggies diet. In morning I ate one small boiled potato . Thereafter the idea of eating salad all day is not my cup of tea. So I found a recipie of clear vegetable soup on internet and I made it accordingly. It wasn’t that tasty but I had no choice other than having soup all day long. During the day I had a mild headache. I had a short walk but that didn’t help so then I decided to hit the gymm and was on cross trainer for 15 mins. After that My headache completely stopped. At diner time, while having my one last final sip of clear vegetable soup I decided not to have clear vegetable soup anymore atleast for a year. Anyway, today my clear soup only came to my resuce to pass Day 2 of the plan.

DAY 3 : Veggies and Fruits diet. In morning I ate some cheeries as breakfast. In my research I found that cherries are very low in calories and also it helps to make your body immune to all chronic illness. To be honest, I didn’t eat cherries for that reason. The truth is I just love cherries. I can finish the 3 lbs of cheeries box in one go.
Anyway. I managed the entire day with a mix of fruits and veggies which included watermelon, cherries and broccoli.

Note :- I am done with 25 % of the plan but still I weigh exactly the same before I started this plan.

Day 4:- 3 cups milk and 8 bananas. In morning I just had one cup milk and 2 bannans. In afternoon again I had 2 bananas.
Well, as I love bananas I could have used all 8 bannas allowed but all the reviews on the internet made me feel very conscious as many of those could only eat 3 bananas. So as usual in evening I hit the gymm and burned almost 300 calories.
Today I did check my weight in the gymm but to my surprise I reduced 1 kg. I know its too little but still it is okay.
After coming home from gymm i just had one glass of warm water and as i was extremely tired i just went to bed.

Day 5:- Tofu and 6 Tomatoes. It wasn’t that tasty to eat tofu without any veggies. But sitll managed to do that but then
i had little rice and veggies which wasn’t allowed.

Day 6:- tofu and veggies:- Yesterday I did enjoy tofu stir fry with veggies. It was just yummy! anyway, i did gain one kilo but thats ok. Maybe I am eating too much or not drinking enough water.

Day 7:- tofu rice and veggies.(feast day). In morning for lunch and dinner I had veggie stir fry. Today I really enjoyed my meals. I am glad that I finished this course. It was tough. I just lost 1.5 kg weight whereas many others who also did a similiar plan lost upto 2 to 3 kgs.
I am happy that atleast my body was detoxifed naturally and I atleast lost 1.5 kg weight.
I think this plan is worth trying atleast for 7 days.

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Birthday Girl !

Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 33rd birthday. While I was growing up, I used to always look forward for my birthdays but
now I don’t feel the same way.
Today, by chance,I saw a video of veteran actress of Bollywood- Shabana Azmi celebrating her 60th Birthday.
She looked so happy on her 60th birthday. She was dancing and having lots of fun with her family and friends.
I felt happy for her but at the same time I also wished that maybe I should be also that happy on my 60th brithday
and having lots of fun with my family and friends.
Well, I have to start preparing for that birthday from today onwards by working so hard that I can enjoy my golden years.

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Love Yourself!!

I know this sound very silly but I have realized it that to love oneself is very important.
It always helps me to create self confidence and appreciate all the things around me.
Truly, As I started appreciating myself, it made a difference. So just keep loving ourself!!

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I enjoy christmas very much. I love christmas carols and lighting. Malls are crowded with shoppers. The stores are flooded with a variety of gift articles. For kids, the biggest attraction in mall is to click their picture with Santa Claus. One of the major attraction for this christmas in the mall was the product “Kinnect” which was launched by Microsoft. Not a single teen among the shoppers missed the beat on kinnect at mall. I also didn’t miss a single weekend in december to stroll in malls and enjoy the whole festival atmosphere. Merry X’mas !!

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It’s amazing to see that world is now connected on Internet via Social networking websites like Facebook and Orkut.
Few years ago I had created my account on Facebook but used it very occassionally. Recently I have become active user.
Now I am able to connect with all my school friends with whom I had lost touch base after my schooling. It was fun to meet everyone after a decade. Thanks to facebook to help us to reconnect with our friends and keep us updated about them. No wonder, these networking websites have become so popular and has million users.

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Driving Lessons …..

In modern age there are certain things which are included in Must Have’s list :-
1. Mobile Phone 2. Internet 3. Passport and 4. Driving Licence.
These days, driving a car has become necessity. Every one enjoys driving car and I believe, no one forgets their inital driving sessions with their tutors.
I have just started to learn to drive a car. I haven’t enrolled in any driving school since
I am having my experienced husband to teach me. He is best but very tough.
Initially, it used to be more yelling at each other rather than driving a car.
At one point of time, we both felt that I can never learn to drive and also he won’t be able to teach me

but now we both have learned to be more patient. So with lots of efforts and patience from both of us, these days I am getting better in driving.

Thanks to my beloved hubby!

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Life At 30.

Last summer I celebrated my 30th birthday. I Received calls from friends and family, scrumptious diner in restaurant and surprise gift from husband. I enjoyed feeling special all day. At night, though I was tired, couldn’t sleep. As I was gazing at the moon sky, I recalled childhood days, hanging out with friends, cracking silly jokes and laughing aloud. Later, I completed my masters, got job, worked for few years and then married and came to US. Thirthy years flew just like a snap of finger. Lot of changes happened but still I didn’t achieve anything which will make me feel proud. The radiant moon appeared obscure, tears rolled down on my cheeks. This was my first birthday where I was bleak and heart broken. My husband consoled me and asked to change perspective towards life. He said accomplishment always doesn’t comprise of material things. It’s still a great achievement when you are surrounded by people who love you, value your thoughts and rj be happy and thankful to God for being alive and for giving a chance to accomplish goals. I am so fortunate to have my love beside me to show me the light.

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Joy Of Cooking

Since childhood I have been a foodie but was never interested in cooking.  As my mom realized this fact she tried to convince me in many ways that learning to cook is very important in my life.

One day, my mom came across the advertisement of cooking classes.  Somehow she convinced me to just attend the class, which I did, and later on I handed all those recipes to my mom as agreed.  Next day my mom played trick with me as if she can’t understand from the recipe how to make that dish.  I easily fell into her trap and started explaining.  Later, I felt that now I am teaching my mom as how to make a Vegetable Manchurian.  Finally, I asked my mom to just observe me and learn while I was cooking.  I was extremely happy while giving a demo to my mom.  Vegetable Manchurian was my first dish I ever made which was highly appreciated and that led me to develop sheer interest in cooking. Thereafter, I started helping my mom in kitchen every day and learnt all the basics of cooking. It was a great stress relief for my mom but eventually when me and my brother got to know about Mom tricks we all laughed a lot.

After marriage, I came to US and my cooking turned out to be a disaster as if I have never cooked in my life. Before marriage I made flatbread almost every day which was perfectly rounded, well cooked and soft but after marriage making flatbread became nightmare for me. I started losing confidence in my cooking skills and got more depressed. I thought a lot about it and then felt that the flour which I use is of bad quality.  So, I tried out various flours available in the market and then could make out the difference in the quality of my flatbread. Finally with lot of patience from my husband and also due to my persistence now I can make good flatbreads.

Now, I am experimenting various cuisines in my small kitchen.

I am sure, my husband being a best food critic, One day I will prove that I am a top chef at home.

















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