Posted by: blossomalways | September 30, 2009

Coffee Lovers

My day won’t start without having a French Vanilla / Mocha. During my school/college days I was never a great coffee lover. I used to like the taste and used to drink occasionally. Mostly, I used to drink lot of coffee during my exam days to keep me awake while studying till midnight. The coffee which I used to love was Nescafe and Filter Coffee. Filter coffee reminds me that whenever I used to fall sick I always enjoyed having Filter Coffee prepared by my Mom. I used to feel like in heaven! After marriage I am so much hooked up to coffee that I just simply cannot resist my temptation to drink coffee. On Weekends I love to go to Tully’s or Borders and enjoy reading books with a sip of Latte/ Drip Coffee. My hubby is also great coffee lover. On weekends whenever we happen to visit Costco he will never enter Costco without buying a Tall size Latte from the Costco’s cafeteria. Costco’s coffee is economical as compared to Tully’s but still it taste good. Well I just can’t drink latte without adding lot of milk and sugar in it. Sometimes I feel awkward to add 4 to 5 sachets of sugar and half a cup of milk in front of other people but still keeps on adding it without looking at them. In order to cut my coffee I got a Green Tea from Costco which is good for health as it contains antioxidant. But I believe, no matter what Coffee cannot be replaced with anything as it’s aroma refreshes me.

So, Hey all Coffee Lovers, if you wish you can have a coffee with me by sharing your coffee experiences. It will be a great pleasure.

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