Posted by: blossomalways | September 30, 2009

Mahatma Gandhi – A Nobel Prize Nominee

I grew up knowing Mahatma Gandhi as the “Father of Nation” and learning the great qualities about him, which ultimately made him the Father of entire Nation.
It was just because of his Swadeshi Movement and Ahimsa principle, India was able to achieve freedom.

I have watched couple of movies made on his life story.
Last year I watched one movie named “Gandhi My Father” It’s a real serious movie.
The movie is all about Gandhiji’s personal life and his connection with his sons.
In movie I also got to know the sacrifices which Kasturba made in her life and lived like a saint whole life and gave full support when Gandhiji decided to devote his entire life for freedom.

I remember that there was one incident when Gandhiji recommended one student
for the British scholarship rather than his own son who was equally talented but Gandhiji felt the other student was more deserving candidate for that scholarship.
That incident made me to think did Gandhiji do right with his sons and his family?
I am still debating did Gandhiji do right with his own sons and why the entire family should suffer for his principles. But again it’s me who thinks like this.
I also don’t know the entire truth. So I am also not doing the right thing by judging the person without knowing the whole truth.

Everyone knows Gandhiji was the man of Principles and he won’t compromise it for anything.
I highly respect and admire him for being the Man of Principles coz whatever he preached he practiced. It is his top quality and that differentiates him from being just an ordinary person.
Last week while I was reading more information about Mahatma Gandhiji an interesting fact came to my notice that though Gandhiji was being nominated 5 times for Nobel Prize for Peace but he was never rewarded with a Nobel Prize.

Truly speaking, this thing never occurred to me that why Gandhiji is not a Nobel Prize Winner even though he was a person to start Ahimsa and who propagated it on mass scale and later on became a great symbol of non-violence.

Well in my research, I found that Gandhiji was nominated in the year 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and finally, a few days before he was assassinated in January 1948.
There is lot of things involved for which he was not awarded Laureate. No one has a definite answer for it.

I feel sad when a highly educated man with simple living, who lived a good humanitarian life by being a true follower of Ahmisa, who won the freedom with Peace and was immensely loved by the people around the world, was not given the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace.

I must say, Gandhiji has touched so many lives and is such a great inspiration during our worldwide war era that he should be awarded something bigger than Nobel Prize title.

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