Posted by: blossomalways | June 21, 2010

Road Drive on 101Highway to Yachats, Oregon.

On Friday evening I was busy making  dinner and I received a call from my husband saying that he has a surprise for me.

 He asked me to start packing our bags  as we are going on for a long weekend vacation. 

He was very kind enough to show me the resort online and know my opinion about the resort and  place before he did online booking. I was amazed by his surprise but then I was little doubtful about the choice of place as there was nothing much to do in Yachats. He  just asked me to believe him and  assured me that we will really enjoy our vacation and the exciting drive on 101 highway.  He always wanted to drive on 101 highway.

I had a very short time to do all arrangements but still we managed to do it and started early next morning . When we entered Oregon State we  enjoyed the pacific ocean scenic drive on 101. We stayed in Overleaf Lodge & Spa at Yachats.  Our room was facing pacific ocean so we had a beautiful view of ocean.  It was really breath-taking view and we enjoyed it.  In evening  we had been to spa and enjoyed jaccuzi. It was a unique experience. The view of pacific ocean from our resort was so panoramic that it was one of the highlight of our trip.

There are trails that takes you directly to the beach.  Tourists enjoys morning  and evening walks on trails and gets refreshed.

We got to know at the concierge desk various scenic spots around Yachats where we can watch marine life. We could only see sea lions.

There are very good restaurants at Newport which is just few miles away from yachats.

Though Yachats was a small town but we never got bored in these three days. So far I had been to lot of places but never had such  a relaxing vacation.

It took us totally far away from the hustle bustle of city life.  I am so thankful to my husband for taking me to the right place at the right time and for all the efforts he had put in for organizing this trip.

















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