Posted by: blossomalways | June 23, 2010

Money Saving Tips – Change your spending habits.

We all know the basic rule, cutting our expenses leads to savings. 

 In our busy life, unfortunately, we all fail to follow the simple rule and we end up spending more than required. I was also no exception to this. 

The grocery store was very close to my residence so I use to have a relief that I can  buy anything at ease whenever I require it. So I never use to plan my meals well ahead. Sometimes, if, I used to fall short of any ingredient while making meals then I use to go to the grocery store and  buy it.

One day,  I took a hard look at my expenses and I found that I could have avoided some of my unnecessary expenses with little planning and being little organized. 

I have started planning our weekly meals at the start of the week and then I buy the things accordingly.

Well, apart from grocery expenses I have started keeping a track on the other expenses.  These days I have started writing down all my expenses.

Even if I spend just $1 I make a point that I will mention that expense in my expense sheet.  Sometimes petty expenses adds up to a big amount at the end of month and it goes totally unnoticed. So by  keeping a track of my expenses I feel that now I am in much control of my finances than what I was before.


 Here are the simple 4 tips which helped me to save money:-

1. Plan your weekly meals and then go for the grocery shopping so that you
   never fall short of any ingredient while making meals as you never tend to do
   impulsive shopping and also you can use the coupons accordingly.
2. Cut down your store visits by planning which will saves time and money and car fuel
   and no headache of finding a parking spot. Every week we happened to go to Costco but now we make a point that we will make a Costco visit twice in a month.

3.  Enroll in frequent dining service online so that you can receive many rewards or coupons of those restaurants which you really enjoy their food.

Frequent dining service enrollment is completely free and  some restaurants offer 10% discount instantly on the amount of the bill for being a frequent diner.

4. Last but not the least, Keep a monthly track of all your expenses. 

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