Posted by: blossomalways | June 28, 2010

Healthy Diet in just 2 minutes.

Today, everyone is aware of eating healthy food as it has lot of benefits
But, we find it difficult to change our lifestyle and eating habits.
 Well, our life gets so busy that when ever we feel hungry we just eat what ever is easily available and convenient and at
the end we eat lot of junk.
To be honest,I like junk food very much.
Since I am vegetarian My favourites are:- Veggie Pizza, veggie burger, french fries, chips.
So for me to replace veggie Pizza with something healthy pizza is just impossible.
After giving a deep thought I decided that there are certain foods that you can’t completely stop
eating. So I made a point that I will be eating veggie pizza or burger just twice in a month.
and rest of the days I will be completely on the healthy diet.

These are the certain healthy foods that I have included in my regular diet.

1. Since I love toast and jelly I have replaced white bread with wheat bread/ multigrain bread.
   Well I love Oats & Honey bread which we get in Trader Joes store. you can replace butter with
   soy butter or peanut butter.

2. If I am having cereal then I avoid sugary cereal. Have cereal which is high in fiber
   Sometimes I even have oats with lots of raisins and walnuts. Hot cereal tastes really good and oats helps for weight loss too.

3. I drink non fat milk or sometimes soy milk instead of regular milk. In costco we do get a breakfast milk.
   which is a complete healthy drink and it also helps for weight loss.

4. For lunch you can have a veggie wraps. Just get tortillas from store and stuff it with tofu or rice and beans or any raw vegetables
   with ketchup/ sauce/salsa of your choice and wrap it and insert a toothpick so the folds will remain intact and it gets easy to eat too.
5. I eat non fat yogurt when ever I feel hungry.

6. I have made a rule at my home to have a salad every day with or without dressing.
   So I get a box of lettuce mix from costco and add lots of cucumber, grape tomatoes,
   raisins, walnuts, spinach(optional)and then zesty italian dressing. mix it well and it tastes just wonderful.

7. I eat lots of green vegetables at home. You can make a stir fry with tofu and add lots of brocooli and
   carrots, bell peppers.

8. Eat lot of fruits. If you don’t like to eat just food then make a fruit juice in a juicer and add protein powderula
   and it will be a great protein shake.
   Or you can even have a fruity yogurt. Make a pulp of the fruit whichever you like in a blender and add that
   pulp to your non fat yogurt and it tastes yummy.

9. Avoid eating preservative food. Instead of that make something healthy at home. You cook at home
   two times in a week and refrigerate it. So when you are home from office, dinner is already ready.
   just warm it in microwave and you have a nutritious home made healthy food at home.
   It is far better than ready to eat meals.
10. Eat lot of pulses and green vegetables.

11. Replace regular soda with diet soda. It will be best if you replace your soda with green tea.
    Green tea is known for high antioxidants and it helps in weight loss too.

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