Posted by: blossomalways | August 12, 2010

Vegetarians – Try other cuisines without any fear.

 I am not vegan but vegetarian. (I don’t eat eggs)

I know this sounds weird to mention specifically that I don’t eat eggs as vegetarians don’t eat eggs. But these days I find that many vegetarians are ok with eggs.

Initially, being vegetarian, I was kind of hesitant to go out and try other cuisines like sushi, Mexican, teriyaki, American Chinese, Mediterian

But my husband asked me to visit restaurants with open mind as we can ask them to substitute any entrée which has meat/chicken with tofu and request them to make it vegetarian, if, they don’t have any specific vegetarian menu in their menu card.

To my surprise, so far I have enjoyed Sushi, Teriyaki, Mexican, American Chinese, Thai and Mediterrian Food.

Sushi: – soya pods, cucumber roll, tempura roll which has tofu and avocado roll

Mexican: – vegetarian pinto beans in any burrito and veggie toppings of your choice and dip of your choice.  Side;- nachos and salsa.

Thai: – Panang Curry, king curry, with rice/fried rice (with no eggs), Phad Thai (substitute egg noodles with rice noodles).

Teriyaki: – Tofu Stir fry with veggies and rice. (Make sure there is no oyster sauce or fish sauce).

American Chinese: – Veggie Lettuce Wraps, vegetable dumplings, Dan Dan Noodles (rice noodles), Ma Po tofu, Spicy Green Beans, Substitute any chicken entrée with tofu.

Mediterrian:- Falafal, Pita bread with hummus, bagels.

Italian:- Eggplant Parmesan, Pasta( make sure the sauce doesn’t contain any eggs or mayonnaise). It’s best to go with Marinara Sauce.

Restaurants which I like the most are as follows:-

  1. P.F. Chang :-  For chinese cuisine.

  2. Blue C Sushi :-  For sushi

  3. Italian :- Spazzo Grill, olive Garden. (I love salad served in olive garden).

  4. Mexican:- Taco Bell, Qdoba, Chipotle

  5. Thai:- Thai Kitchen, Typhoon.

  6. Panera Bread:- Fresh Baked Bagels with cream cheese, Veggie Mediterrian sandwich with tomato soup or black bean soup in cup or bread bowl. Baguette.

  7. Vegan Restaurant:- Vegan Pancakes with scrambled tofu.

  8. California Pizza Kitchen:- Tortilla soup, Portebella Mushroom sandwich, Pizza.

  9.  Mc. Donald:- Biscuits with Jelly and Hash Brown.

  10.   Quiznos :- customize your veggie sandwich.

  11.   Subway :- Veggie Patty contains eggs.

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