Posted by: blossomalways | September 10, 2010

Paryushan – Jain Festival

Firstly, Bolo chalo Michami Dukadam to all ! (It means to forgive me if I have hurt you anyway knowingly and unknowingly)
On the occasion of Paryushan I decided to do ‘Aathai'( 8 days complete fasting, only drinking boiled water is allowed till evening 6:00 p.m.). It’s not compulsory to keep a fast for 8 days and more over I was not doing to prove that I am more religious. These days were very important for me to keep a complete control on myself and finally it gives me immense pleasure and complete satisfaction that I accomplished what I had decided. Today is my 7th day of fasting and tomorrow is going to be the last day of my fast.  I thank every member of my family that with their best wishes I was able to do this task. Once again Michami Dukkadam to everyone whom I know and to those whom I don’t know but whoever is reading my blog. 





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