Posted by: blossomalways | September 20, 2010

Joy Of Cooking

Since childhood I have been a foodie but was never interested in cooking.  As my mom realized this fact she tried to convince me in many ways that learning to cook is very important in my life.

One day, my mom came across the advertisement of cooking classes.  Somehow she convinced me to just attend the class, which I did, and later on I handed all those recipes to my mom as agreed.  Next day my mom played trick with me as if she can’t understand from the recipe how to make that dish.  I easily fell into her trap and started explaining.  Later, I felt that now I am teaching my mom as how to make a Vegetable Manchurian.  Finally, I asked my mom to just observe me and learn while I was cooking.  I was extremely happy while giving a demo to my mom.  Vegetable Manchurian was my first dish I ever made which was highly appreciated and that led me to develop sheer interest in cooking. Thereafter, I started helping my mom in kitchen every day and learnt all the basics of cooking. It was a great stress relief for my mom but eventually when me and my brother got to know about Mom tricks we all laughed a lot.

After marriage, I came to US and my cooking turned out to be a disaster as if I have never cooked in my life. Before marriage I made flatbread almost every day which was perfectly rounded, well cooked and soft but after marriage making flatbread became nightmare for me. I started losing confidence in my cooking skills and got more depressed. I thought a lot about it and then felt that the flour which I use is of bad quality.  So, I tried out various flours available in the market and then could make out the difference in the quality of my flatbread. Finally with lot of patience from my husband and also due to my persistence now I can make good flatbreads.

Now, I am experimenting various cuisines in my small kitchen.

I am sure, my husband being a best food critic, One day I will prove that I am a top chef at home.


















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