Posted by: blossomalways | September 30, 2010

Life At 30.

Last summer I celebrated my 30th birthday. I Received calls from friends and family, scrumptious diner in restaurant and surprise gift from husband. I enjoyed feeling special all day. At night, though I was tired, couldn’t sleep. As I was gazing at the moon sky, I recalled childhood days, hanging out with friends, cracking silly jokes and laughing aloud. Later, I completed my masters, got job, worked for few years and then married and came to US. Thirthy years flew just like a snap of finger. Lot of changes happened but still I didn’t achieve anything which will make me feel proud. The radiant moon appeared obscure, tears rolled down on my cheeks. This was my first birthday where I was bleak and heart broken. My husband consoled me and asked to change perspective towards life. He said accomplishment always doesn’t comprise of material things. It’s still a great achievement when you are surrounded by people who love you, value your thoughts and rj be happy and thankful to God for being alive and for giving a chance to accomplish goals. I am so fortunate to have my love beside me to show me the light.


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