Posted by: blossomalways | November 18, 2010

Driving Lessons …..

In modern age there are certain things which are included in Must Have’s list :-
1. Mobile Phone 2. Internet 3. Passport and 4. Driving Licence.
These days, driving a car has become necessity. Every one enjoys driving car and I believe, no one forgets their inital driving sessions with their tutors.
I have just started to learn to drive a car. I haven’t enrolled in any driving school as
I am having my experienced hubby to teach me. It’s fun but very tough.
Initially, it used to be more yelling at each other rather than driving a car.
At one point of time, we both felt that I can never learn to drive and also he won’t be able to teach me
but now we both have learnt to be more patient. These days, I am getting better in driving.
Thanks to my beloved hubby!


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