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Paryushan – Final day of fast -Jain Festival

I am glad that this time I could do Aathai. I was feeling good during parna. I feel 8 days fast was easy but now the toughest thing is to keep a little control on my diet and hunger for few more days. No matter, how much I eat I always feel that I am not filled.
Every one has ask me to take only light diet and drink lot of fluids. So hoping that I will follow their suggestions.

11th September 2010 – last day of Aathai.

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Paryushan – Jain Festival

Firstly, Bolo chalo Michami Dukadam to all ! (It means to forgive me if I have hurt you anyway knowingly and unknowingly)
On the occasion of Paryushan I decided to do ‘Aathai'( 8 days complete fasting, only drinking boiled water is allowed till evening 6:00 p.m.). It’s not compulsory to keep a fast for 8 days and more over I was not doing to prove that I am more religious. These days were very important for me to keep a complete control on myself and finally it gives me immense pleasure and complete satisfaction that I accomplished what I had decided. Today is my 7th day of fasting and tomorrow is going to be the last day of my fast.  I thank every member of my family that with their best wishes I was able to do this task. Once again Michami Dukkadam to everyone whom I know and to those whom I don’t know but whoever is reading my blog. 





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Vegetarians – Try other cuisines without any fear.

 I am not vegan but vegetarian. (I don’t eat eggs)

I know this sounds weird to mention specifically that I don’t eat eggs as vegetarians don’t eat eggs. But these days I find that many vegetarians are ok with eggs.

Initially, being vegetarian, I was kind of hesitant to go out and try other cuisines like sushi, Mexican, teriyaki, American Chinese, Mediterian

But my husband asked me to visit restaurants with open mind as we can ask them to substitute any entrée which has meat/chicken with tofu and request them to make it vegetarian, if, they don’t have any specific vegetarian menu in their menu card.

To my surprise, so far I have enjoyed Sushi, Teriyaki, Mexican, American Chinese, Thai and Mediterrian Food.

Sushi: – soya pods, cucumber roll, tempura roll which has tofu and avocado roll

Mexican: – vegetarian pinto beans in any burrito and veggie toppings of your choice and dip of your choice.  Side;- nachos and salsa.

Thai: – Panang Curry, king curry, with rice/fried rice (with no eggs), Phad Thai (substitute egg noodles with rice noodles).

Teriyaki: – Tofu Stir fry with veggies and rice. (Make sure there is no oyster sauce or fish sauce).

American Chinese: – Veggie Lettuce Wraps, vegetable dumplings, Dan Dan Noodles (rice noodles), Ma Po tofu, Spicy Green Beans, Substitute any chicken entrée with tofu.

Mediterrian:- Falafal, Pita bread with hummus, bagels.

Italian:- Eggplant Parmesan, Pasta( make sure the sauce doesn’t contain any eggs or mayonnaise). It’s best to go with Marinara Sauce.

Restaurants which I like the most are as follows:-

  1. P.F. Chang :-  For chinese cuisine.

  2. Blue C Sushi :-  For sushi

  3. Italian :- Spazzo Grill, olive Garden. (I love salad served in olive garden).

  4. Mexican:- Taco Bell, Qdoba, Chipotle

  5. Thai:- Thai Kitchen, Typhoon.

  6. Panera Bread:- Fresh Baked Bagels with cream cheese, Veggie Mediterrian sandwich with tomato soup or black bean soup in cup or bread bowl. Baguette.

  7. Vegan Restaurant:- Vegan Pancakes with scrambled tofu.

  8. California Pizza Kitchen:- Tortilla soup, Portebella Mushroom sandwich, Pizza.

  9.  Mc. Donald:- Biscuits with Jelly and Hash Brown.

  10.   Quiznos :- customize your veggie sandwich.

  11.   Subway :- Veggie Patty contains eggs.

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Healthy Diet in just 2 minutes.

Today, everyone is aware of eating healthy food as it has lot of benefits
But, we find it difficult to change our lifestyle and eating habits.
 Well, our life gets so busy that when ever we feel hungry we just eat what ever is easily available and convenient and at
the end we eat lot of junk.
To be honest,I like junk food very much.
Since I am vegetarian My favourites are:- Veggie Pizza, veggie burger, french fries, chips.
So for me to replace veggie Pizza with something healthy pizza is just impossible.
After giving a deep thought I decided that there are certain foods that you can’t completely stop
eating. So I made a point that I will be eating veggie pizza or burger just twice in a month.
and rest of the days I will be completely on the healthy diet.

These are the certain healthy foods that I have included in my regular diet.

1. Since I love toast and jelly I have replaced white bread with wheat bread/ multigrain bread.
   Well I love Oats & Honey bread which we get in Trader Joes store. you can replace butter with
   soy butter or peanut butter.

2. If I am having cereal then I avoid sugary cereal. Have cereal which is high in fiber
   Sometimes I even have oats with lots of raisins and walnuts. Hot cereal tastes really good and oats helps for weight loss too.

3. I drink non fat milk or sometimes soy milk instead of regular milk. In costco we do get a breakfast milk.
   which is a complete healthy drink and it also helps for weight loss.

4. For lunch you can have a veggie wraps. Just get tortillas from store and stuff it with tofu or rice and beans or any raw vegetables
   with ketchup/ sauce/salsa of your choice and wrap it and insert a toothpick so the folds will remain intact and it gets easy to eat too.
5. I eat non fat yogurt when ever I feel hungry.

6. I have made a rule at my home to have a salad every day with or without dressing.
   So I get a box of lettuce mix from costco and add lots of cucumber, grape tomatoes,
   raisins, walnuts, spinach(optional)and then zesty italian dressing. mix it well and it tastes just wonderful.

7. I eat lots of green vegetables at home. You can make a stir fry with tofu and add lots of brocooli and
   carrots, bell peppers.

8. Eat lot of fruits. If you don’t like to eat just food then make a fruit juice in a juicer and add protein powderula
   and it will be a great protein shake.
   Or you can even have a fruity yogurt. Make a pulp of the fruit whichever you like in a blender and add that
   pulp to your non fat yogurt and it tastes yummy.

9. Avoid eating preservative food. Instead of that make something healthy at home. You cook at home
   two times in a week and refrigerate it. So when you are home from office, dinner is already ready.
   just warm it in microwave and you have a nutritious home made healthy food at home.
   It is far better than ready to eat meals.
10. Eat lot of pulses and green vegetables.

11. Replace regular soda with diet soda. It will be best if you replace your soda with green tea.
    Green tea is known for high antioxidants and it helps in weight loss too.

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Money Saving Tips – Change your spending habits.

We all know the basic rule, cutting our expenses leads to savings. 

 In our busy life, unfortunately, we all fail to follow the simple rule and we end up spending more than required. I was also no exception to this. 

The grocery store was very close to my residence so I use to have a relief that I can  buy anything at ease whenever I require it. So I never use to plan my meals well ahead. Sometimes, if, I used to fall short of any ingredient while making meals then I use to go to the grocery store and  buy it.

One day,  I took a hard look at my expenses and I found that I could have avoided some of my unnecessary expenses with little planning and being little organized. 

I have started planning our weekly meals at the start of the week and then I buy the things accordingly.

Well, apart from grocery expenses I have started keeping a track on the other expenses.  These days I have started writing down all my expenses.

Even if I spend just $1 I make a point that I will mention that expense in my expense sheet.  Sometimes petty expenses adds up to a big amount at the end of month and it goes totally unnoticed. So by  keeping a track of my expenses I feel that now I am in much control of my finances than what I was before.


 Here are the simple 4 tips which helped me to save money:-

1. Plan your weekly meals and then go for the grocery shopping so that you
   never fall short of any ingredient while making meals as you never tend to do
   impulsive shopping and also you can use the coupons accordingly.
2. Cut down your store visits by planning which will saves time and money and car fuel
   and no headache of finding a parking spot. Every week we happened to go to Costco but now we make a point that we will make a Costco visit twice in a month.

3.  Enroll in frequent dining service online so that you can receive many rewards or coupons of those restaurants which you really enjoy their food.

Frequent dining service enrollment is completely free and  some restaurants offer 10% discount instantly on the amount of the bill for being a frequent diner.

4. Last but not the least, Keep a monthly track of all your expenses. 

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Road Drive on 101Highway to Yachats, Oregon.

On Friday evening I was busy making  dinner and I received a call from my husband saying that he has a surprise for me.

 He asked me to start packing our bags  as we are going on for a long weekend vacation. 

He was very kind enough to show me the resort online and know my opinion about the resort and  place before he did online booking. I was amazed by his surprise but then I was little doubtful about the choice of place as there was nothing much to do in Yachats. He  just asked me to believe him and  assured me that we will really enjoy our vacation and the exciting drive on 101 highway.  He always wanted to drive on 101 highway.

I had a very short time to do all arrangements but still we managed to do it and started early next morning . When we entered Oregon State we  enjoyed the pacific ocean scenic drive on 101. We stayed in Overleaf Lodge & Spa at Yachats.  Our room was facing pacific ocean so we had a beautiful view of ocean.  It was really breath-taking view and we enjoyed it.  In evening  we had been to spa and enjoyed jaccuzi. It was a unique experience. The view of pacific ocean from our resort was so panoramic that it was one of the highlight of our trip.

There are trails that takes you directly to the beach.  Tourists enjoys morning  and evening walks on trails and gets refreshed.

We got to know at the concierge desk various scenic spots around Yachats where we can watch marine life. We could only see sea lions.

There are very good restaurants at Newport which is just few miles away from yachats.

Though Yachats was a small town but we never got bored in these three days. So far I had been to lot of places but never had such  a relaxing vacation.

It took us totally far away from the hustle bustle of city life.  I am so thankful to my husband for taking me to the right place at the right time and for all the efforts he had put in for organizing this trip.

















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Mahatma Gandhi – A Nobel Prize Nominee

I grew up knowing Mahatma Gandhi as the “Father of Nation” and learning the great qualities about him, which ultimately made him the Father of entire Nation.
It was just because of his Swadeshi Movement and Ahimsa principle, India was able to achieve freedom.

I have watched couple of movies made on his life story.
Last year I watched one movie named “Gandhi My Father” It’s a real serious movie.
The movie is all about Gandhiji’s personal life and his connection with his sons.
In movie I also got to know the sacrifices which Kasturba made in her life and lived like a saint whole life and gave full support when Gandhiji decided to devote his entire life for freedom.

I remember that there was one incident when Gandhiji recommended one student
for the British scholarship rather than his own son who was equally talented but Gandhiji felt the other student was more deserving candidate for that scholarship.
That incident made me to think did Gandhiji do right with his sons and his family?
I am still debating did Gandhiji do right with his own sons and why the entire family should suffer for his principles. But again it’s me who thinks like this.
I also don’t know the entire truth. So I am also not doing the right thing by judging the person without knowing the whole truth.

Everyone knows Gandhiji was the man of Principles and he won’t compromise it for anything.
I highly respect and admire him for being the Man of Principles coz whatever he preached he practiced. It is his top quality and that differentiates him from being just an ordinary person.
Last week while I was reading more information about Mahatma Gandhiji an interesting fact came to my notice that though Gandhiji was being nominated 5 times for Nobel Prize for Peace but he was never rewarded with a Nobel Prize.

Truly speaking, this thing never occurred to me that why Gandhiji is not a Nobel Prize Winner even though he was a person to start Ahimsa and who propagated it on mass scale and later on became a great symbol of non-violence.

Well in my research, I found that Gandhiji was nominated in the year 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and finally, a few days before he was assassinated in January 1948.
There are lot of things involved for which he was not awarded Laureate. No one has a definite answer for it.

I feel sad when a highly educated man with simple living, who lived a good humanitarian life by being a true follower of Ahmisa, who won the freedom with Peace and was immensely loved by the people around the world, was not given the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace.

I must say, Gandhiji has touched so many lives and is such a great inspiration during our worldwide war era that he should be awarded something bigger than Nobel Prize title.

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Coffee Lovers

My day won’t start without having a French Vanilla / Mocha. During my school/college days I was never a great coffee lover. I used to like the taste and used to drink occasionally. Mostly, I used to drink lot of coffee during my exam days to keep me awake while studying till midnight. The coffee which I used to love was Nescafe and Filter Coffee. Filter coffee reminds me that whenever I used to fall sick I always enjoyed having Filter Coffee prepared by my Mom. I used to feel like in heaven! After marriage I am so much hooked up to coffee that I just simply cannot resist my temptation to drink coffee. On Weekends I love to go to Tully’s or Borders and enjoy reading books with a sip of Latte/ Drip Coffee. My hubby is also great coffee lover. On weekends whenever we happen to visit Costco he will never enter Costco without buying a Tall size Latte from the Costco’s cafeteria. Costco’s coffee is economical as compared to Tully’s but still it taste good. Well I just can’t drink latte without adding lot of milk and sugar in it. Sometimes I feel awkward to add 4 to 5 sachets of sugar and half a cup of milk in front of other people but still keeps on adding it without looking at them. In order to cut my coffee I got a Green Tea from Costco which is good for health as it contains antioxidant. But I believe, no matter what Coffee cannot be replaced with anything as it’s aroma refreshes me.

So, Hey all Coffee Lovers, if you wish you can have a coffee with me by sharing your coffee experiences. It will be a great pleasure.

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My First Blog Entry


I am very much excited to write my first blog. Though I am internet savvy, I was completely unaware about the concept and popularity of Blog. I got to know about it from my husband.

 For the first time, I realized that I am having such a limited knowledge about the new things happening in our world. I agree that it’s not necessary that a person should have the knowledge of each and everything. But what really upset me was that though I am using an internet on a daily basis and yet, I am not exploring new things.I started questioning myself that what were the reasons for not noticing blogs? After thinking a lot, one thought which buzzed my mind was that maybe while browsing I must have come across the word ‘Blog’ but never took the effort to find out what is all about and just intended to simply ignore it and that was a real eye opener for me.I just discovered one of my flaws – IGNORANCE!

Making a change is a difficult process. Changes don’t happen overnight. It takes long time and at the same time it needs lot of patience from us and others too, to tolerate us. Even after making such a change in me I know that there will be many things which I might ignore it unknowingly but at the same time I feel that by bringing such a change in me I will be at least limiting my ignorance and reducing my risks in future.

Now it will be dangerous for me if I again ignore my shortcomings. So, I have started working on it to improve myself.

Well, after getting a brief idea about blogs from my husband I started digging more information about it on Wikipedia. I was interested in knowing how the concept of Blog was born. Who was the first person to start blog? During my research I discovered more facts about blogs than just what I was looking for. Wikipedia has always been very helpful to me during my research.
After my brief research, I decided that I am not going to limit myself just by gaining knowledge about it but really going to explore this by creating an account and start publishing my posts and experience the true joy of writing my first online diary.

So now my blogging journey has begun…… 🙂

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